A4-A7 - Meetings with decision makers (01.11.2019-06.03.2020)


Each partner invited relevant decision makers from schools, NGOs, local authorities and sport clubs to attend the National Sport Days. These invitations were answered and after the events all the partners involved in dialogues with the decision makers on the possibilities to promote the traditional games and sports. The discussions gravitated on the importance of preserving the sport as a cultural value for youth and the possibilities of these institutions to actively involve and support to increase the popularity of the traditional sports. These meetings took the form of a structured dialogue between youth workers, instructors, volunteers and decision makers representing the institutions in which we aimed to set up a framework for future collaborations to promote the national games or sports.

Each partner identified potential partners in promoting their traditional sports and representatives who are interested to collaborate on medium term, as follows:

     1. Ensemble Partout developed partnerships for the promotion of Jeu de Paume with Lycée Privé Passy Saint-Honoré and with Société Sportive du Jeu de Paume et de Racquets. With Lycée Privé Passy Saint-Honoré discussions for the promotion of sport were conducted with Emmanuelle Jenoudet and with Société Sportive du Jeu de Paume we collaborated with Rod Mcnaughton.

     2. Young Europe Society collaborated with A. S. Clubul Român de Ţurcă (Mihail Manole and Adrian Bârlea), Asociația Ecosportivă Sufletul Hășmașului (Robert Kovacs and Ioan Timaru), Balan Townhall (Gheorghe Iojiban - mayor) and  Şcoala Generală Nr.1 Bălan (Elena Iuga).

     3. Coraliam partnered with Ehte Humanitaargümnaasium from Tallinn (Aleksandra Bogodorskaya, Anželika Kahro and Ilya Alekseev), and the Estonian Archery Association from Tallinn (Tonis Veltbach).

     4. Youth For Youth partnered with SOŠ dopravy a cestovního ruchu from Krnov (Ivana Matoušová, Naděžda Lukášová and Romana Korandová), and with 4 Links (Libor Barvík, Adam Tuček and Hynek Chovan).

     5. Ingens Risus formed collaborative partnerships with Federația Română de Oină (Nicolae Dobre, president), Clubul Sportiv Dacia Mioveni 2012 (Dumitru Filofteia and Voiculescu Dumitru), Asociația Ecosportivă Sufletul Hășmașului (Robert Kovacs and Ioan Timaru), Balan Townhall (Gheorghe Iojiban - mayor), and Liceul Tehnologic ”Liviu Rebreanu“ from Bălan (Pîrvan Sorina-Gabriela).