A3 The National Sport Days (15.09.2019-06.02.2020)


Following the strategic action plan established in the previous TPM, each partner organised in their community “The national sport days” an event where they coordinated activities for promoting the traditional game or sport in the community. The structure of the event was similar in all the five communities:

Day 1- Presentation of the video, the informative booklet, the history of the local game/sport, the rules and the needed equipment.

Day 2- Sport sessions in each community, involving the interested youth. The young people get hands on experience in practicing the sport of their country, exchange ideas and strategies and develop their interest for the game.

Day 3- Try new traditional sports. With the support and coordination of the youth workers, the youth practiced the other traditional sports and games present in our project, according to their interest and availability.

The five events organized by the partners reunited in total 307 participants as follows:

Coraliam (Tallinn, Estonia, 30.10-1.11.2019)

In Tallinn the youth from the Ehte Humanitaargümnaasium were thrilled by the video with traditional sports in the first day of the presentation. During the second day the youth tried their national sport (Archery). With the support of professional instructors all youth learned how to use a bow and how to respect the important safety measures. In the third day the youth played Vybíjená, the Czech Republic traditional game.

Ingens Risus (Bălan, Romania, 6-8.11.2019)

Ingens Risus invited the youth from Liceul Tehnologic ”Liviu Rebreanu“ to take part in The National Sport Days. The youth manifested exteded interest towards Oina, sport presented by the young girls from Dacia Mioveni Sport Club (national champions in Oina). Besides Oina, the young participants explored Turca and Archery. The mayor of Balan, Gheorghe Iojiban also joined the event. 

Young Europe Society (Bălan, Romania, 6-8.11.2019)

The youth from Şcoala Generală Nr.1 Bălan explored the Turca traditional Romanian game and found it highly dynamic and interesting. Also, since the National Sport Days were organized in collaboration with Ingens Risus, the youth had the chance to try out Oina and Archery as well. The event was joined by the President of Asociatia Ecosportiva Sufletul Hasmasului.

Ensemble Partout (Paris, 3-5.02.2020)

The youth from Lycée Privé Passy Saint-Honoré found Jeu de Paume an extraordinary sport, extremely captivating and very fun to play. As alternative sport, they have chosen to play Vybíjená, the Czech Republic traditional game.

Youth for Youth (Krnov, 2-4.12.2019 )

The youth from SOŠ dopravy a cestovního ruchu, Krnov were very impressed by the first day in which were presented the video, the booklet and were introduced to the activities of our project. Second day, as expected, we found out that many of them play often Vybíjená so the competition was high. In the last day the youth were involved in an archery workshop. The Traditional Sport Days were very appreciated by the young people from Krnov.