Traditional European Sport Activities

What is TESA?

The idea of TESA sprung from the common desire of five organisations from France, Czech Republic, Estonia and Romania to promote traditional sport activities in their communities by raising the interest of the youth for playing them.

Our intention is to make these sport activities known and accessible for young people and adults. All the five partners have previous experience in working with young people and promoting sport activities. The partners aim to collaborate in order to commonly achieve the goals of the project.

Traditional sports are more than physical activities; they offer socialization in the direction of cooperation and community. This aspect of the traditional sport activities is perhaps its most valuable characteristic. We play because it is fun, and it encourages our feeling of togetherness.

What is TESA?

Timeline of our project


The First Transnational Project Meeting (Paris - 06‐09.03.2019)

This kick-off meeting was the first transnational meetings from a total of four and had the goal to create a friendly synergy between the members of the project team from each organization and to create a framework for the upcoming six months period.

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A1-Realisation of the promotional video (10.03-26.06.2019)

Each partner organisation was responsible for recording and providing descriptive and promotional footage for the traditional game/sport they work with.

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The Second Transnational Project Meeting (Costinești, Romania - 27-30.06.2019)

In this meeting we established the structure, the content and made the task division for the realisation of our informative booklet which is available for free on this website.

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A2 Preparation of the booklet (01.07-14.09.2019)

Each organisation worked remotely using digital collaborative instruments in creating the informative booklet which is available for free on this website. The booklet was evaluated during a video conference and the final improvements were decided. The booklet was a very useful tool during A3 “The national sport days” events.

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A3 The National Sport Days (15.09.2019-06.02.2020)

Following the strategic action plan established in the previous TPM, each partner organised in their community “The national sport days” an event where they coordinated activities for promoting the traditional game or sport in the community. The structure of the event was similar in all the five communities.

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A4-A7 - Meetings with decision makers (01.11.2019-06.03.2020)

Each partner invited relevant decision makers from schools, NGOs, local authorities and sport clubs to attend the National Sport Days. These invitations were answered and after the events all the partners involved in dialogues with the decision makers on the possibilities to promote the traditional games and sports.

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The Third Transnational Project Meeting (Tallinn, Estonia, 06‐07.02.2020)

During this reunion, the National Sport Days were evaluated and their success was obvious. In all countries the National Sport Days were joyful events where the young people were highly motivated to take part.

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A8-Website Development (09.02.2020-03.10.2020)

This activity started before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Europe. All the partners worked remotely do develop the current website that comprises all the results of our project free to access for anyone. In order to coordinate the work we have used extensively virtual conferences. This is also the means we have used to evaluate the website once it was ready.

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The Fourth Transnational Project Meeting (Krnov, Czech Republic, 03-06.10.2020)

This was a very important meeting because it had the main role of taking decisions regarding the finalization of our project during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the meeting we decided to adjust the last activities in such ways that would be safe for all the stakeholders.

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A9-Dissemination (07.10-10.12.2020)

A9-Dissemination was supposed to be conducted by each partner in 3 schools and one university from their region where they would present the promotional video realized in the preparation phase, the informative brochure comprising the rules and equipment required in practicing the five games and sport activities.

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A10-Dissemination in Social Media (04.11-14.12.2020)

Each partner NGO organized an online dissemination campaign in social media or on their website aiming to promote the tangible results of the project to a wider audience.

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A11-Final Evaluations and Follow-up activities (15-31.12.2020)

During the last activity of the project, the partners reunited in a series of online conferences to evaluate the overall success of the project and to decide on how to provide sustainability and follow-up to the project.

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Promotional video of our project

Together we created a video that captures moments of playing each sport so you get a better look on the gameplay, equipment and the fun people have when playing Enjoy!

The sports we promote


Do you prefer sport more than dancing? In that case you are also welcome for a game called Țurca. The aim is to toss a small stick in the air and to hit it with a big stick as far away as possible. All kidding aside: this really is a must to have it done once!

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Oina is a traditional Romanian sports game certified documentary since 1364, when it was played for the first time. The game was widespread throughout the country, with a large number of names and variants.

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Jeu de Paume

Like tennis, “Jeu de paume”, is a spectacular sport, which requires strategy: speed, fineness, precision and use of the ground in the different possible rebounds on the walls of the courts.

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Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat. In modern times, it is mainly a competitive sport and recreational activity. A person who is fond of or an expert at archery is called a toxophilite.

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Vybíjená is a team ball game with dynamic progression and a strong involvement of all players. The game develops especially dexterity, speed, concentration, spatial orientation and a sense of teamwork.

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Download TESA booklet

Here you can download and view the TESA booklet created during the project.

partners and supporters

Société Sportive du Jeu de Paume et de Racquets

Balan City Hall

CS Dacia Mioveni

Young Europe Society

MTU Coraliam

Youth For Youth

Ingens Risus

Federatia Romana de Oina

A. S. Clubul Român de Ţurcă

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